Classy Bright Eyes
Classy's two foals, sired by WF Crown Prince.
Charlie, foaled 3-28-05, on the left.
Lily, foaled 4-15-06, on the right.
Lily does have some spots.
Classy is one of the most awesome mares
I've ever owned, and I truly love her.  
Unfortunately, my breeding program has
evolved and I need to sell her.  Because
she is a wonderful mare, I will be really
nit-picky about where Classy goes from
here, and will consider a breeding lease, as
long as Classy can foal out here.
Otherwise, she sells at $700.
Standing at about 16 hands, Classy is a chestnut roan mare that I originally bought
to show, use for lessons and breeding. I've used Classy for lessons, and we never
made it to the show ring due to lack of time.  While she was taking care of her foal,
she was kicked in the hock, which caused a muscle in her hind leg to turn into scar
tissue, so Classy walks funny now.  I've had a veterinarian examine her, and he said
that she is sound, it's more of a mechanical issue.  We do have a video of her
walking/trotting on

Classy is an easy breeder, she falls asleep during inseminations or palpations, and
stands well for the farrier or vaccinations.  Classy will clip, bathe, load, trailer, rides,
ties, anything you can think of, Classy can do. We call her our gentle giant.
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Classy's 2008 foal, a solid
chestnut colt, by Zips EZ
Question, foaled 4-1-08.
He is starting to roan out.
Above Photos taken May 31st, 2009