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Becky Rees has been working with horses since 1990, starting with her very first pony. From
there, she acquired her first appaloosa mare and has been hooked on Appaloosas since.  Her
current herd consists of appaloosas, grade ponies and three paints.

In 1992, Becky showed in a horse show on a friend's horse and was really hooked on the show
circuit.  She enjoys training horses for showing and teaching her students.  Despite her busy
schedule, Becky shows horses as much as she can.  Her accomplishments include Grand
Champions, Reserve Champions, and consistent placings in most classes.

In 1997, Becky helped manage a trail-riding stable that was a part of a bed-and-breakfast
business while attending classes at a local University, then moved to Lansing in 1998 to attend
Michigan State University.  She then graduated from Michigan State University's Horse
Management program in 1999, then went on to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Sciences
with emphasis in Agri-Business at MSU in 2002.  From May 2002 to February 2005, Becky
worked with Twin Creek Farms, owned by Theresa Rorabaugh.  Twin Creek Farms is becoming
one of the best breeding facilities in the state of Michigan.  There, Becky learned a lot about the
breeding and foaling aspect of horses, along with more about horse behavior, which Becky
uses now in her care and training with the horses.

Since 2000, Becky has been running a small home business, Wahl Farm, where she gave
riding lessons and trained horses during the summer until she graduated from MSU.  While
working for Twin Creek Farms, Becky ran the business after working hours and her programs
have grown to the point where she finally had to stop working for Twin Creek Farms to devote
more time to her business.

After giving birth her son in 2005, Becky's business slowed down tremendously, and she was
able to spend more time as a mom and just play with her own horses, and enjoy life. She does
help out with the 4-H kids, and coaches the equestrian team. Her horses are able to get the
individual attention that they wouldn't have gotten if Becky continued to train and give lessons.

Becky currently does not accept horses for training or give horseback riding lessons.  Her goal
is to be able to show on the Appaloosa horse circuit as a non-pro, and to be able to raise or
train her own horses to do well on the Appaloosa circuit.

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