Wahl-Rees Farm
Wahl-Rees Farm
16650 6 Mile Road
Stanwood, MI  49346
231-598-0969 Text Messaging Only
Welcome to Wahl-Rees Farm!

We are located near Stanwood, Michigan, which is about 45 minutes north of Grand
Rapids.  Our program includes boarding, and sale of horses.  We also have a small
Appaloosa breeding program on the side. Since the economy has gone downhill, we only
breed one or two mares every other year.

Be sure to check out our other website pages!  If you're looking for a horse to purchase or
know of someone who's interested,
Horses for sale would be a great place to start.  And
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about Becky, to learn more about our owner and manager.  Or if you have any
questions, comments or just want to say hi, feel free to
Contact us! or e-mail Becky at
Wahl-Rees Farm.   

We no longer accept horses for training,
but we do have several nice horses for sale.
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